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1420 points tournament preps - opponent lists review

A quick one today. I will be attending a LW 1420 tournament in Poznan next weekend playing my HG Assault Gun Battery and figured out that it would be good to see what the opponents are fielding. So here is a summary and also some of my thoughts on the meta and how does it relate to the list I built.

With this table I can clearly say that in Poland, German tank companies are certainly experiencing a new Golden Age :) Also, a thing to note is that LLW books are the most often used ones - especially Bridge at Remagen and Devil's Charge. I think why Berlin (another LLW publication) is missing is that it features Soviets, who are not so popular in the area (I hope to tip the balance in the forseeable future) and Germans but without access to any outstanding tank lists.
I really do not fully understand the dominance of tank lists in this tournament. One might think that for this pretty slim, 1420 points format the majority of the forces would be infantry/fortified companies as only these guys can have all the toys they want anyway. When I compare my Stug list with the other alternative I was thinking about:

Romanian Puscasi (1/6 RT, 1/6 RV, 3/6 CT, 1/6 CV)
HQ: 2x Rifle + 2x Panzershreck
CP: 9x Rifle/MG
CP: 9x Rifle/MG
WP: 9x Schneider 47mm
WP: 2x 120mm mortars
SP: 6x Pak40
SP: 4x PzIV
SP: 4x KF 75mm
SP: 4x Cav Scouts

It turns out that my Assault Guns have so many elements missing (of which I am completely aware but still excited to test the StuGs) :) The infantry are the "toolbox" while the StuGs are the "brick". Fortunately, I have some sort of an answer to pretty much any list in the tournament. The ones that worry me the most are KG Benningsen Panther lists (2-3) and B@R heavy tanks (also 2-3). I can see myself struggling against these, unless I can get some stealth maneuvering (thanks to Major Sandrock and the PakPumas) done to get sideshots on the big cats.

On the other hand, I am quite happy that I should be pretty confident winning over infantry lists. But in any case, we will see how it goes.

And now, some of the more interesting lists built for this tournament:


  1. Your HG Assault Gun Battery roster very nice. ) I plan to use them on our local tournaments. And Poznan lists is pain. Any FV paras or any other infantry list with good TA has very good chance to win.

    1. Thanks, although like I said - I have a very bad feeling in case I meet a heavy tank list :P

  2. Heh I see my list got first place on the interesting list.... :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Places were randomized! :P :P

      But honestly, I like the fact that you were not trying to fit in as many big cats as possible. I think it will only work for your benefit!

    3. Synergy is key.
      Bis zum Endsieg im Berlin!!! :)