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Fighting Jumbo Tanks

So what is the second (right after Tank Destroyers) most annoying special US rule? Correct: 'Jumbos lead the way' :)

What this rule means is that tanks with front armor of 12 and side armor of 8 will be considered lowest armor for hit allocation. Thus, in most cases they will be the first target to be assigned a hit from any direct fire weapons. With their high armor rating, these hits will most likely ricochet off their front armor plate and be completely wasted. It would maybe not be such an amazing rule, if not for the fact that apart from platoon tank upgrades (1 per platoon), you can also upgrade a HQ tank to Jumbo. With some clever employment of CiC or 2ndIC Jumbo tank, a US player can effectively negate 2 initial hits of each salvo targetting the platoon that he intends to protect. Such a unit will then go around the table killing whatever they want and be almost impervious to any return fire.

So the question is: how to deal with these metal monsters? :)

I have collected some of my experience in fighting Jumbos that I mostly earned the hard way in the points below (I will go from most obvious to the least obvious ideas):

1. Outflank whenever you can. This seems like an obvious method, but it really needs to be mentioned. A drop from armor 12 to 8 means a lot, especially at short ranges, where most medium anti-tank guns can get a penetrating hit to the side or rear.

2. Ignore the unit and shoot the support. Once the tanks are rid of their supporting units, they become somewhat helpless. With no recce, they are prone to ambushes, with no artillery, they will have a hard time to dig out infantry. You do not always have to go for the strongest unit first. I would say that quite the reverse is true - in such deathstar lists, it is often beneficial to focus down weak platoons in an effort to force a company morale check.

3. Assault whenever possible. In an assault, these tanks are not much different from any other tank. Battlefront made them Top Armor 2 but if you are launching assaults vs tanks I think I can safely assume that you bring some bazookas/panzerfausts/piats with you anyway.

4. Use smoke - target the Jumbo tanks. There are 2 rules that help you here:

  • at long ranges, smoke covers completely, blocking line of fire
  • at short ranges, smoke makes the Jumbo be considered gone to ground and thus be the last one to be allocated a hit
5. Gun tank. Always gun tank. If you score only 1 hit, but roll a 5+ you can still deliver a killing blow to the E8 hiding behind the Jumbo.

6. Whenever possible, approach the platoon so that only the soft targets are within 16" of your shooting teams. This will force priority of hit allocation on them, since the table in the rules says so :P

7. Use your other units to block line of sight to Jumbos. You just need to make sure that you state your intention to your opponent and that you do this on a team by team basis. This means, that you will probably need to sacrifice or at least expose one team per gun/tank shooting to get the desired effect. But hey, it is still better than to just sit there and get shot to pieces! :)


Well, these are the methods that I normally use to fight Jumbo tanks. But what is your experience?


Hammer and sickle...erm anvil - playing Mid War Mixed Tankovy

So I thought I would share my experiences playing Mid War Mixed Tankovy that I gained over 5+ games. The big reason for this is the upcoming ETC which will make Mid War more popular in my area (and probably in other competitive gaming communities too).

Going through the roughly 100 lists that are available for this period, you will quickly figure out which ones clearly stand out as those worth considering for tournament play. In this group, Mixed Tankovy seems an obvious choice.

What makes it so powerful in my opinion are two main factors: firepower and survivability. With these in mind, the1650 points list that I tested contains:

6x KV1e

10x M3 Lee

8x Stuart

4x BA64 (F/T)

Sporadic Sturmovik

(Note: with the experience I have now, I would probably change the Sturmovik to I-153 and upgrade the BA 64s into BA 10Ms for more anti-tank and some more firepower against guns and infantry).

So how do I play this? I make use of deception, survivability of KVs and firepower of other elements of the battalion. Everyone I played against so far can only see one threat on the table: a huge unit of KV 1e tanks. This is my anvil. I simply roll them up right in the opponent's face and wait for their reaction. More often than not, this reaction has been to reveal their ambushes of anti-tank guns (like Pak40s) or to use tanks to destroy or scare the KVs. What is quite important is that I try to use concealment at all times - more on that later.

In the meantime, my hammer waits at a safe distance. This means 16"+ inches away from where I think the enemy can appear (a hint: when measuring distance from potential ambush sites, always consider the size of the ambushing unit's bases - this might mean an extra inch or two of range).

When the inevitable ambush hits the KVs, and they are in concealment, I normally do not need to remove more than 2 tanks from the battlefield, which means I do not have to take a morale test. For instance, an ambush of a full platoon of Pak40s scores on average 6/8 hits, 3 of which go through (assuming they catch the flanks) and gets 2 kills and 1-2 bails.

Once the enemy is revealed, it is revenge time with my M3 Lees and Stuarts.

The thing I am trying to say here, is that in this list you should not be worried if you loose a KV or two. They are here to absorb damage and expose the enemy to your glass cannons. This is your hammer and anvil tactics (pretty similar I think to the one used by the Germans in WW2).

But hammer and anvil is not the only thing to be considered. There are also several other things that I can recommend as valid advice for using this list:

1. ALWAYS try to place the objective you will be attacking in the open, with at least one route containing concealment that can take you to within 10-16" of it. This way, you make it harder for the enemy to set up their ambush properly and to feed reinforcements to the objective and lets you use the advantage of concealment until the very last moment.

2. With so many tanks on the table, you will need to bunch up. To avoid unnecessary losses due to artillery I create pairs of tanks that stand close to each other separated by 4" of space. This way, templates are not so much of a nuisance and you can still achieve a considerable force concentration.

HH    HH     HH     HH     HH     HH    - this is roughly how it looks like :)

MM     MM     MM    MM     MM     MM

       HH      HH      HH     HH       HH      - and here a staggered anti-template formation :)

3. Do not forget that your M3 Lee tanks can shoot two targets using the multiple guns rule (I always do :P ).

4. If you face Tigers, Panthers or heavy tank destroyers other than Hornisses - run or hide until your planes hopefully do their work :P In the meantime, target enemy support platoons. Maybe you can force their company morale check.

5. The biggest weakness of this list is the glass cannon component (i.e. anything that is not a KV!). Play safe with the M3 Lees and your recon element to make sure that you will never have to roll morale. The only throwaway unit you have is the Stuarts company.


So this is it - hope this will prove useful to any future Mixed Tankovy Battalion commanders. But maybe you have different experience related to this list?


Beyond the completely obvious part 1 - Mid War tank lists analysis (ETC-wise)

So what tank lists really do stand out in Mid War (and are usable for ETC), apart from the pretty obvious Mixed Tankovy battalion? With this question in mind I went through the available briefings and selected 3 that were of most interest to me. Below, the results of my analysis.

Czech Panzer

I really like the list and the flexibility it offers. It gives access to a decent mix of tanks of many sorts and sizes like Pz38s (which are your compulsory platoons), Panzer 2s, Panzer 3s and 4s of multiple versions. Heavy tank enthusiasts might find themselves unimpressed because of the absence of the option to field Tiger I tanks but personally, I would not cry over this fact :)

What is also important, the list can field a platoon of self-propelled tank hunters. Most of them are variations of Marders (either AT 11 or AT 12) but there is also the option to use Panzerjager Is - although from the competitive POV I feel it is completely unnecessary.
When designing my list, I picture Marders and upgraded Panzer 4s as the main source of anti-tank shots for the list.

Also, the list has access to cheap recon and smoke. The latter comes in the form of either smoke templates from Nebelwerfers or artillery or direct shots from Panzer 4s of the E/F1 version.
If you feel like spending tons of points to get access to a mobile breakthrough gun, you can also go for a platoon of StuG/StuH assault guns, but it will hurt in terms of cost...

All this is topped with the usual addition of panzergrenadiers, panzerpioniers and medium artillery.

I would say that overall this list makes a very good anti-infantry or anti-mech force, since it is based on compulsory platoons of light tanks which, in most cases, will be either hunting for recon/other light tank units or trying to get an assault in, using smoke for cover and their multiple machine guns to pin the enemy.

My favourite Czech Panzer list at this point in time would be:

HQ: 2x Pz38
Platoon 1: 4x Pz38
Platoon 2: 4x Pz38
Platoon 3: 3x Panzer F2 or G
Platoon 4: 4x Marder II (the one with an AA gun for more flexibility)
Platoon 5: 3x Panhard
Platoon 6: 3x 15cm Nebelwerfer + Pak36 with stielgranate ammo (AT 12, range 8", RoF 1)

Romanian Tancuri

Romanian lists are always a bit of a gamble due to their "Peasant Army" rule. This is not really helpful in designing competitive lists but I think their Mid War tank company has a decent potential nevertheless.

The basic reason for this is the relatively low cost coupled with a relatively big chance to be veteran. If you take Panzer 4 Gs for an example, they cost approximately 20% less than their German brothers but still you can expect them to be veteran in most of the games. The caveat here is that sometimes you will be a Reluctant Veteran but I think that for tanks that play the anti-tank role it is not such a big disadvantage.

Romanian tanks also have access to some relatively cheap 4/4+ artillery in the form of Skoda 100mm guns but you have to remember that the low cost is associated with the lack of smoke bombardment option (also true for Late War companies).

The rest is pretty similar to a regular German tank list, with the exception of the fact that you will not be able to field self-propelled, lightly armored tank hunters. This is a pity, since the only substitute you can use is a platoon of 4 Pak40 guns. They are not so bad themselves but in a mobile list they will sometimes become deadweight.

In any case, I think this is a fairly strong anti-tank list that can dish out a lot of AT11/AT12 fire.
The way I would build it for this anti-tank duty is presented below:

Elite (66% chance to be veteran)
HQ: Panzer 4G
Platoon 1: 3x Panzer III N
Platoon 2: 3x Panzer IV G
Platoon 3: 3x Panzer IV G
Platoon 4: 4x Pak40 + transport
Platoon 5: 1x Sd Kfz 223 + 2x Sd Kfz 222
Platoon 6: 4x Skoda 100mm + transport (so that you can also use them in a direct role vs infantry)
US Tank
It is really hard to put my finger on what is so good about this list. But the best way to describe it I think would be to say that this list simply has it all. You can build any combination you want with it. You can go heavily anti-infantry, you can go for a fast flanking force or tank buster. This is why I will not even bother to put together my favorite US Tank list because there are so many possibilities.

But why do I think it has it all?

1. It has access to fast, lightly armored tanks and to their heavier, slower cousins. Both options can be used in the compulsory slots. This is like having light and regular tank company of Late War in one briefing. Also, you are only limited to one compulsory platoon matching your HQ so you can even have a mix of the two!
2. One word: stabilisers!
3. Like in Late War, your tanks have access to direct smoke.
4. You can field Tank Destroyers for extra anti-tank. These can be AT 7, 9 or 12 - up to you.
5. 105 and 155mm arty is available.
6. Jeep mobility recon is in. You can also get foot patrols with transports if you want.
7. You can go for cheap smoke templates with M2 mortar half-tracks.
8. Many others :)

Overall, I think this list will be used quite often as it can fill any gaps in ETC teams.
What are your thoughts after this lengthy article? :) What tank lists do YOU expect to see often at the ETC?


The Devil`s Advocate - Reasons why you should take artillery in your infantry list

Note from Reksio: since this blog serves the purpose of exchanging OPINIONS about FoW gaming aspect (and at some point in the future also other geeky stuff), I encourage you to send in yours - I will make sure that understandable articles are published no matter if I agree with the opinions delivered inside or not.

Reksio`s recent article made me think about the use of big guns in current meta infantry lists. He stated that the artillery goals can be achieved with mortars and nebelwerfers for a much lower point cost.

I will not be questioning their usefulness as I love both mortars and Nbws but not to a degree to state that big guns are obsolete these days. What is more I will try to point why I think they are a good choice.

To start with let`s take on the obvious example of US artillery. They have one of the most powerful FoW rule (Time on Target) and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. A platoon of 4 veteran 105mm guns costs a bargain 185 points. With mortars you get the reroll of the first range in (that is their advantage).

What is better with the guns? You get TOT, direct fire ROF1 AT9 FP2+ breakthrough gun (no recce jeep save here!) and direct smoke. More, you have a staff team - so no more annoying rolling to range in on a "6" against those pesky GtG veterans. With these means you have the power to dig out enemy infantry in missions where your infantry has to attack other infantry. Because of TOT your opponent will position his tanks very carefully, if there are more than 2 under the template than you will probably see some smoking wrecks. Direct firing with AT 9 FP2+ breakthrough gun can protect your position from small flanking vehicles (Pumas, 8 rads, Daimler I, 0.5cal jeeps) to which both Nebelwerfers and Mortars are very vulnerable. Gun shields give you that needed extra protection. Some US lists (US paratroopers, armored rifle) have access to cheap 155mm guns without the need to buy 105mm first. At 210 points you get 4 C/T guns with 5/2+ template and direct AT10 FP1+ they are even more devastating but are easier to hit and pin down. The veteran version costs 275 pts, probably worth it. AOPs enhance your US artillery to fire even better - your enemy`s tanks are not safe even behind that big forest, ruined house or hill.

British Artillery with the Mike Target rule is almost as good as its US counterpart. They get to reroll the first range in attempt just like mortars, they get TOT when they fire "all guns repeat". What makes them different from the US is that they have ROF2 AT9 FP3+ and a turntable (360* field of direct fire). Because they have low FP in bombardment (5+) many players use them as AT guns guarding the objective from pesky recce plus as a bonus: smoke template or pin before crucial assault. At 240 pts for 8 C/T guns or 105pts for 2 C/V guns it would be a waste not to take them.

The guns which would seem worst in current meta are the soviet ones. In most soviet infantry lists you have to buy ZiS-3 76mm guns (3/6) to be able to get sensible (4/3+) 122mm guns. This takes precious points for buying other goodies (tanks?) you might want to include in your list. What hurts most is they are only trained (before Berlin there used to be no veteran artillery for USSR) and with no special rules like Mike Target or TOT it gets difficult to successfully range in, hit and destroy your enemies. But many soviet infantry lists just need that big guns to deliver an extra punch because they lack other means (they don`t have TDs, naval gunfire support, super heavy tanks, etc.). Some new lists have access to hero artillery - they are trained but pass skill test as if they were veterans. I used to play them in Motostrelkovy with a good effect. A platoon of 4 ZiS-3 (3/6 ROF2 AT9 FP3+) for 140pts and 4 152mm howitzers for 215pts give you two options of play. You either shoot with them as two separate artillery templates or as one platoon of AT9 ROF2 AT guns and a 5/2+ veteran bombardment. The same will be true with Red God of War (12  C/T guns for 250pts? Yes plaese!). In many soviet lists heavy arty is the only real possibility to destroy those pesky King and Jagdtigers (Shturmovik is the second). The new Berlin infantry lists allow you to field a single 203mm howitzer in an assault platoon that you can direct fire to destroy buildings or shoot with 5/1+ arty. I am looking forward to using that beast. I forgot to mention that soviet guns move faster thanks to "Guns to the front" rule, sometimes it can save your hide.

The only army in which using big guns would really be questionable are the Germans. Unfortunately the German guns are overpriced. With no special artillery rules a platoon of 4 veteran 10.5cm guns with 4/4+ bombardment and 1/10/2+ direct smoke comes for a steep 210 pts. They can still hold their own against recce but are more expensive than their better US or UK counterparts making the German players usually take those mortars or 15cm Nbws. However it is worth noting that Nbws don't  have a gun shield and leave smoke markers after firing which can be easily targeted for an effective counterbattery fire by experienced enemies.

Big guns have their obvious drawbacks. They are more expensive than mortars, they are large targets, they don`t enjoy concealment for digging in and are slow to move (often even immobile). But the glorified mortars of Nbws can`t defend themselves from tanks and light vehicles - traits which lost a game to many players. And please don`t tell me about good flank protection when you are defending in missions with reserves against spearheading, always attack companies.

I hope this article helps you see my point of view on the big guns and why I think ther are worth their points in many infantry lists.


Why artillery does not help infantry to win games?

A lot of FoW gamers that I talk with and play against still think that artillery (and by artillery I mean anything that is capable of both bombardments and rof 1 direct fire) is a good way to support their infantry company. Come on guys, this is wrong. Apart from some specialized lists, most of infantry companies do not need artillery to win games. I think quite the opposite is true. Artillery can sometimes ruin your games.

My recent tournament experience proved again and again that the big guns are way too ineffective (random) and vulnerable to include them in an infantry list. Their lack of power comes from several sources:

1. They need a lot of time to kill off dispersed targets. This is because, compared to other types of weapons, they need 3-4 separate types of rolls to kill a target (range in, to hit, failed save, firepower). Running an infantry list, the last thing you want is to kill slow enough to give your opponent a lot of turns, enabling him to isolate your platoons and shoot them repeatedly until they die.

2. They are expensive, so shooting recon jeeps or basic infantry with your 155mm and 250+ points guns seems a bit of an overkill. Most infantry lists have enough support options to choose from, before you start spending them on arty.

3. They are not an anti-tank asset even though, for lack of other targets (see point 2), players normally shoot tanks with them. They are at most your last desperate defense against heavy tanks your a-t cannot get rid of. If you run the numbers, then assuming that you only fit one medium tank under your template and do not have ToT, your chance to destroy a tank is around 1/12. So with 2 tanks under the template, it is 1/6 and so on. A typical a-t gun platoon of equal cost (let's take Zis-2 for instance), shooting at Panzer IVs at long range (5+ to hit) will kill 1 tank and bail 1 with average rolls.
Infantry lists exposing their platoons to the enemy need to ensure that return fire will be minimal. This is not possible with artillery (see point 1).

Considering all of the points above, I will mention that I still sometimes use arty in my infantry lists. The one and only reason for this is to force the opponent to disperse his forces and not let him perform a concentrated assault. I always go for something cheap though, like trained 105s or heavy mortars. Other than that, if I want to go competitive infantry, I stay away from the big guns :)

What is your experience with using artillery in infantry lists?


Transferring from US Infantry to US Mech

As per the request in one of the comments, here is my take on it.
First of all, mech is pretty much undefined. The two big mech types/categories that a US player can normally choose from (regardless of period) are: armored rifle and armored recon companies.

My first step would be to decide which type do I want to use. This is mainly because these two types are very different in terms of models that will be used and how the army is handled.

Armored Rifle companies are based around at least 2 big Armored Rifle Platoons. This means that you either upgrade your existing platoons of infantry by adding half-tracks, lmgs, 60mm mortars and tons of bazookas or simply start from scratch and simply purchase a brand new AR platoon (BF has a plastic set now). This type of company is played more like an infantry force so the transition should be smooth.

Armored Recon however, is centered around recce platoons of 1-2 M8 Greyhound cars and recce/60mm mortar jeeps. You might also want to include nuggets like Stuarts or Scott howitzer carriers. Since this is a highly mobile force, able to concentrate and overwhelm a target quickly, you will find it work more like a tank list, meaning your basic infantry forces will not normally be used to build Armored Recon and handling will be completely different. This also means that you will use very few, if any, of your infantry list miniatures to build it.

Second step (and a big decision) for Late War companies is to select whether I am looking for a regular or always attack company.

If I want to go for always attack, I am pretty limited in my choices. The main ones include:
- Armored Rifle from Blood Guts & Glory (with Patton) or Bridge at Remagen (with Mine-exploder platoon)
- Armored Recon from Overlord (both trained and veteran) or again from Bridge at Remagen (with Mine-exploders)

What you have to really be aware of when selecting AA Mech is that you will attack regular tank companies. This means that you need to plan for a good number of effective anti-tank assets (tank destroyers, chaffee tanks, and maybe some artillery). The good thing about it is that you will most probably not defend in missions with mobile reserves, which means you do not need to worry about recruiting any infantry.
Regular list will need to use at least some foot troops to stay effective on the defense with mobile reserves.

After that, I would select the briefing that fits my needs best and finally, put together the list. My favourite one, that follows the advice from one of the previous articles, and the one I will use as an example is 2nd Armored Recon company list from Devil's Charge (1780 pts, LW):

HQ: 2x M8
Platoon 1: M8, recce jeep, mortar jeep
Platoon 2: M8, recce jeep, mortar jeep
Platoon 3: 4x Scott HMC
Platoon 4: 5x Chaffee
Platoon 5: Towed Tank Destroyer Platoon + 4x transport
Platoon 6: Towed Tank Destroyer Platoon
Platoon 7: Full Infantry Platoon
Platoon 8: 4x 105mm Howitzer


Building better armoured car lists

Each time I sign up to a new FoW tournament I spy on the entries of other players. 99% of cases, the roster is overloaded with tank and infantry lists but there are very few players using  armored car lists. The best example of this is the latest Polish Nationals tournament where 40 of the 43 lists were either tank or infantry. Only 1 player decided to go for an armoured car list!

To me, this is a sign that players are not really comfortable using this type of company for competitive play. This raises two main questions: why and how to address these issues?

The first one is pretty simple to answer: because you are automatically screwed when defending in battles with the mobile reserves rule.

So how would I build an armored car list that can do a good job in all types of missions?

1. First of all, forget about going trained. The reason for this is that you pretty much have 0 armour on your little guys. The main strength of your platoons comes from the fact that you are hard to hit and you hit hard in return. Use it.

2. Include at least 3 platoons that can fight on foot if necessary. This is needed to field a stable defense when you have to defend in a battle with the mobile reserves rule. This probably means 1-2 of infantry and 1-2 of gun platoons.

3. Go for 8 platoons. Your basic platoons in armored car lists are fairly cheap. You should be able to field 8 platoons at 1650+ points. Build 4 strong platoons and 4 supporting platoons. This will allow you to field a decent force on the table when you are forced to reserve some of your units due to scenario requirements.

4. Use a-t guns and self-propelled tank destroyers - avoid slow, heavily armoured tanks. You need to be flexible and hard-hitting. Anything that limits your ability to kill large numbers of tanks/guns quickly works against you.

5. Do not use artillery. Artillery is a good way to deal with targets when you are attacking but on the defense it will only hinder you (which is a topic for another blog entry).

6. Include smoke if possible! You will need it to fight tanks on the defense as well as prepare assaults or isolate strongpoints on the offensive. Do not forget to use it :)

Having these in mind, here is a sample list that I played testing for a 1500 points tournament:

HQ: 1x Puma
Platoon 1: 2x Puma
Platoon 2: 2x Puma
Platoon 3: 2x Puma
Platoon 4: 3x Pak40 + transport
Platoon 5: 7x Panzerpionier + faust + transport
Platoon 1: 4x Marder III H
Platoon 1: 4x StugG
Platoon 1: 2x 15cm Nebelwerfer + Pak40 + transport
Hint: On the defense, you start with the pioneers, paks, stugs and nebelwerfers on the table.

What is your experience playing armoured car lists or mechanized forces in general?

Lists that you have to be prepared for during the 2016 ETC

So we already know that the 2016 ETC is going to be a Mid War event. With this in mind, and being somewhat experienced in Mid War already I went through the available books and PDFs to pinpoint the lists that I think will be a must-have for any self-respecting team :)
Since there are so many choices that I like (despite the common view that this period does not offer enough viable alternatives), I decided to place my bet on one company per each type that I think is going to be used most often:

1. Tank
This is easy. I bet most of the teams will field Mixed Tankovy from Eastern Front. This company is a real infantry mincing machine. It has enormous firepower that is coupled with very good survivability of the huge platoons of medium tanks or 5-6 strong platoons of KV1 tanks. The only real weakness of this list is its inability to respond to panthers/tigers or heavy tank hunters. Enter Sturmovik/Chaika :P

2. Mechanized
This one is actually not so simple. In my opinion though, you will face many panzerspah companies. This list is very flexible, able to squeeze in a lot of valuable platoons like Sd Kfz 233 (7.5cm), Marders, Pak40s, Pioneers, Panhards. Panzerspahs make for perfect champion rosters that are balanced both for attack and defense.

3. Infantry
I would honestly be suprised not to see numerous Italian Fucilieri lists. There are 2 big reasons for this:
- they are always defend, which is not common in Mid War
- they have a very good selection of troops for an infantry list (german Pak40s, russian 7.62cm AT 10/RoF 2 artillery,  cheap tanks and huge infantry platoons bristling with integrated guns, mgs and armed with improvised tank assault 3 bombs).
The only thing that can stop teams fielding Fucilieri is the availability of the models :(

So, these are my predictions - and what are yours?

Start with a vision of the end

So this is it! My first post in a (hopefully) long series focused on ... Right, what do I want to focus on?
I really had to dive deep into my inner self to discover what is the purpose of this blog. Upon detailed investigation, I found at least several:

1. I really enjoy war games. I devote a lot of my spare time to play them, read/talk about them. Since I found myself to be hyperactive at the same time, I want to use the blog to give an outlet to my passion and a means to explore it in a new way.

2. I love Flames of War an feel pretty competent at it. I think this platform is a good way to share my experience and level the playing field a bit for generals that do not feel so good about their skill as well as maybe convince some new players to join the hobby. With this in mind, I expect that a lot of space and thought will go towards FoW related topics.

3. I also play some other war games: Infinity, 40k, WHFB (haven't played GW games for a long time now). With these, I do not feel so competent :) Maybe reading some feedback about my poor lists or hopeless performance at a tournament could help me increase my performance!

4. Last but not least, I hope to bring in some articles focused on all aspects of geekiness like: movies, computer games, board games etc. I really find blogs devoted to only one subject a bit boring. I do not want to repeat the same mistake myself.

Ok, so this is my vision. Please keep your fingers crossed that I can be persistent enough to keep the blog going and read/comment on :)