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This is not an end but rather the end of the beginning

Hello Everyone,

A short one today. Like some of you might already know from the Why We Fight podcast, I will be closing down this blog and merging it with WWPD. To be honest, boosting my own ego running my own thing might seem alluring but I think it would be more beneficial for the readers - present and future, if the Flames of War content could be found under one, common banner. With the organization skills of WWPD guys and their total dedication to spreading the news about this great game, I am sure that WWPD can raise this common banner.

What it will mean for Sexy Sixes is that:

1. I will keep on running the Sexy Sixes FB page. There is much more that I want to share related to FoW than just articles and a separate FB page seems more fitting.
2. I will run a weekly article schedule on WWPD called Sexy Sixes Friday.
3. I will gradually migrate content from Sexy Sixes over to WWPD.

Hope that is enough explanation. Take care and see you soon! :)