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Lists that you have to be prepared for during the 2016 ETC

So we already know that the 2016 ETC is going to be a Mid War event. With this in mind, and being somewhat experienced in Mid War already I went through the available books and PDFs to pinpoint the lists that I think will be a must-have for any self-respecting team :)
Since there are so many choices that I like (despite the common view that this period does not offer enough viable alternatives), I decided to place my bet on one company per each type that I think is going to be used most often:

1. Tank
This is easy. I bet most of the teams will field Mixed Tankovy from Eastern Front. This company is a real infantry mincing machine. It has enormous firepower that is coupled with very good survivability of the huge platoons of medium tanks or 5-6 strong platoons of KV1 tanks. The only real weakness of this list is its inability to respond to panthers/tigers or heavy tank hunters. Enter Sturmovik/Chaika :P

2. Mechanized
This one is actually not so simple. In my opinion though, you will face many panzerspah companies. This list is very flexible, able to squeeze in a lot of valuable platoons like Sd Kfz 233 (7.5cm), Marders, Pak40s, Pioneers, Panhards. Panzerspahs make for perfect champion rosters that are balanced both for attack and defense.

3. Infantry
I would honestly be suprised not to see numerous Italian Fucilieri lists. There are 2 big reasons for this:
- they are always defend, which is not common in Mid War
- they have a very good selection of troops for an infantry list (german Pak40s, russian 7.62cm AT 10/RoF 2 artillery,  cheap tanks and huge infantry platoons bristling with integrated guns, mgs and armed with improvised tank assault 3 bombs).
The only thing that can stop teams fielding Fucilieri is the availability of the models :(

So, these are my predictions - and what are yours?


  1. Honestly I would expect bersaglieri rather then fucilieri in the infantry slot but yes, some of the choices are pretty obvious. I think that the mecha slot is the one that will see most differences between teams. But also second tank and second infantry slot can see various things.

  2. Jade, would you care to elaborate as to why do you think Bersaglieri will be used more often?
    Thanks for pointing out that 2nd tank and infantry can see different things - it could be an idea for an article.