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Peasant Army part 3 - Romanian Cavalry preparing for the tournament

Since the Poznań Mid War tournament is closing in really fast, I figured I would share my plans on how to play the missions that were announced. But first let me re-introduce the list I am going to use:

Romanian Cavalerie PDF

Elite (66% to get veteran rating)

HQ: 2x Cavalry Rifle/MG + 2x Vanator de Care (AT 4 in hand to hand)

Platoon 1: 13x Rifle/MG + VdC

Platoon 2: 13x Rifle/MG + VdC

Platoon 3: 4x 81mm mortars

Platoon 4: 6x45mm obr 1937 guns + cavalry limbers

Platoon 5: 3x Pz35

Platoon 6: 7x Recon Cavalry Rifle/MG + VdC

Platoon 7: 4x German Pak40s

Platoon 8: 12x 75mm RF guns (rof 2, at 8, worthless template and direct/bombardment smoke) + cavalry limbers


The current scenario order as proposed by the organizer is presented below. As an overall comment I have to mention that my cavalry has some preferences on whether to be attacker or defender in these circumstances - I have marked them next to the scenario names. But let's have a look on what is coming up:

Surrounded - attacker
Counterattack - attacker
Encounter - n/a
Hasty Attack - close to 50/50, but leaning more towards the attacker
Fighting Withdrawal - defender

So it seems that my list is designed to be an offensive force :P

But let us talk details!

1. Surrounded.

Attacker - I can easily see myself splitting the force into 2 separate detachments and placing them on the opposite sides of the table. Detachment one would have a company of infantry, captured 45mm guns, Pak40s and mortars, while the rest would go to the other one. There could be some minor variations to this in case the enemy would have a strong tank force, which could make me move my main a-t to the other flank. After deployment, things should be easy - shoot support to death and remove infantry from objectives. Hopefully I will not even need an assault to do this.

Defender - dig in one infantry company on each objective and leave one of the gun units in immediate ambush. In most cases these would be either Pak40s in case of medium/heavy tanks or 75mm against light tanks or armored cars.

2. Counterattack.

Attacker - it all depends on the enemy reserves. If there is a lot of them, then the choice is pretty simple: force a morale check by killing whatever is coming onto the table away from the main force. If they are not numerous, however, then I think an attack on both objectives at the same time is needed. This is mainly because of the enormous footprint of my army. If I do not start moving around early on, I will have a hard time against any template weapons. Recon horsemen will help a lot to secure the remote objective early with their recce deployment move and quick overall pace (I need 2-3 turns to get there relatively untouched because of cautious movement rule). If necessary and possible, I can also mount some of my infantry on tanks and race them across the board to support the cavalry. This is a risky option though and needs to be performed with caution :)

Defender - it will be hard to capture the remote objective since my army is not that mobile. I can go for an early grab with the cavalry and hope it can last until reinforcements arrive. In the meantime I will have to push with all my units to force the enemy into a corner situation around the far objective and then kill him off with my guns.

3. Encounter.

I do not intend to camp the base in this one. I will try to go for both enemy objectives at the same time, while supporting my infantry with direct fire of the guns. This might be tricky against some tank companies, so in these cases, I will have to go for the glass cannons first and limit the enemy's ability to respond early on. I hope that Pak40s and the big artillery battalion can help with this.

4. Hasty Attack.

Attacker - I will most probably start with a mobile force on the table: cavalry scouts & tanks supported by either the 75mm or Pak40. Then it is up to what the enemy has in store - I can either go for an infantry company or maybe another gun unit. I hope I will keep the opponent busy so that he cannot push my own objective and perform a quick assault on one of his positions.

Defender - this will not be so hard I think. I can simply camp the objectives with infantry companies, each one supported by a gun unit and wait until reinforcements arrive. Scattered reserves should not hurt me so much since I will have 2 highly mobile units to arrive to the scene early on :) Still I think I can do better attacking.

5. Fighting Withdrawal.

Attacker - this will be a nightmare :) I really need to push several objectives at once, since there is no way I can squeeze my whole battalion into assault positions around just one. I have already tried this scenario as the attacker and it is doable but very hard. Bad part is that I will not have a lot of time to remove stubborn defenders with my guns because of the turn limit :(

Defender - defending should be easy. All I have to remember about is that depending on what kind of force is attacking my positions, I will need to ambush either Pak40s (against tanks) or 45mm guns (against light armored units and/or infantry). Other than that, I just need to sit tight and buy as much time as possible with my infantry.


So, this is my rough plan. What do you guys think - is it any good? :) Do you also plan your tournament games in advance (and try to execute the plan later on :P )?

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